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Our Mission & Core Values

Dedicated to excellence in proactive healthcare, we strive to empower our community to embrace vitality, and well-being from the constraints of pain. 

Mission and Core Values


At Paradigm Performance Therapy we are deeply committed to our patients' well-being, providing unwavering dedication and support throughout their journey to recovery and vitality.


Our team approaches every patient with a passion for helping them achieve their goals, fueling our relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation in the field of physical therapy.


Integrity is at the heart of everything we do at Paradigm Performance Therapy. We uphold the highest ethical standards, ensuring honesty, transparency, and trust in every interaction with our patients and community.


Perseverance is central to our treatment philosophy. Drawing from our own experiences as athletes who have faced injuries, we emphasize the importance of adapting, learning and growing from these challenges. Our relentless dedication to overcoming these obstacles fuels our mission to support you in reaching your goals.

What We Offer

Our expert Physical Therapy Doctors are committed to offering you personalized one-on-one services designed specifically to meet your objectives. 


Physical Therapy

Each session offers a personalized, hour-long experience with a Doctor of Physical Therapy, dedicated to preventing, treating, and managing pain and injuries. Our goal is to assist in your recovery, enhance your mobility, and boost your overall wellness.




Sport Specific Training

Our team is committed to collaborating with your coach or trainer, ensuring a swift and secure return to your sport of choice. With a wealth of experience in managing the recovery of athletes across a diverse array of sports including basketball, running, soccer, swimming, tactical sports, and wrestling, we're here to support your journey back to peak performance.



Manual Therapy

Our team is here to support you with a wide range of manual therapy techniques, including soft tissue mobilization, instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM), and joint and spinal adjustments. We also specialize in several therapies including therapeutic dry needling and cupping, ensuring a comprehensive approach to your care. 


Transform Your Wellness Journey with our A.C.T. Method


llieviate Your Pain

Together we will complete a thorough assessment to develop a custom plan based on your diagnosis to decrease your pain and symptoms.


lassify & Correct The Root Cause

By pinpointing your specific condition, our personalized, one-on-one treatment sessions are designed to help you improve mobility, enhance well-being, and excel at your peak performance levels!


rain For Long Term Resiliency

You will gain the tools and expertise needed to enhance your strength and mobility, empowering you to maintain lifelong control over your health!

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